7 Stages of Pole Dance Injury Grief

Image © Gemma Correll

Image © Gemma Correll

Injuries are a common evil in a pole dancer’s life. There is no good time for an injury, but they usually happen in the most unwanted and unacceptable moment, when you finally started making some progress with your stretching or before an important event.

Let me walk you through several stages of a pole dancer’s worst nightmare, based on my personal experience. Continue reading

6 Types of Dance to Use in Your Pole Routine


This is probably my favorite article written for Bad Kitty (by myself) Dance is such an important part of pole dance, and the wider you dance vocabulary is the more fun you can have.

I give you 6 types of dance you can use when you’re not throwing pole tricks. In addition to that, there is also valuable advice from dancers Sergia Louise Anderson and Peppa Pou.

Image courtesy of Melissa Dooley (CC BY 4.0)